Thursday, June 21, 2018

Nature as Playground

The Museum of Photography, Seoul


Nature as Playground, Korean and Nordic Contemporary Photography at The Museum of Photography Seoul. Curated by Sunyoung Kim, Pirkko Siitari and Beate Cegielska.  Artist's in the exhibition are Hyong-Ryol Bak, Katrín Elvarsdóttir, Park Hyung-Geun, Ilkka Halso, Won Seoung Won, Maja Ingerslev, Yi Hyuk Jun, Sanna Kannisto, Taewon Jang, Riitta Paivalainen, Pétur Thomsen

                                           Vanished Summer 15 and Vanished Summer 14.

In the series Vanished Summer I am inspired by the Icelandic author Gyrdir Eliasson’s texts on solitude and isolation that oscillate between the logical and the fantastic and explore the relationship between man and his surroundings. The seriesincludes photographs of Trailers in summer and winter, inscrutable pictures of nature and of unoccupied houses where man-made environment creates a frame for the imagination of the spectator.

From the series Vanished Summer 

(installation photos by Maja Ingerslev)

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