Monday, February 26, 2018

The EIKON Award (+45) at Künstlerhaus 1050 Vienna


The EIKON Award (+45) at Künstlerhaus 1050

On the occasion of the 100th issue of EIKON – International Magazine for Photography and Media     Art, the EIKON Award (45+) was launched under the patronage of VALIE EXPORT for European women photographers and media artists’ aged 45 and over.

The aim of the award is not only to survey the current conditions in women’s art production, but to focus on the conditions for present day production of women's art, delays in artistic development and practice for late entrants or returning artists and to make a wider public aware of them.

Following the idea of a European exchange in times of current splitting tendencies, the exhibition initiates an interdisciplinary dialogue between the three award-winning artists, SusanMacWilliam, Katrín Elvarsdóttir and Gabriele Rothemann. Thus creating a tour at whose stopping points we are constantly reminded of the unconscious, the spiritual and the (non-) transparent, which are recurring themes in the worlds of all three artists.

The EIKON Award exhibition at Künstlerhaus 1050 will be open from February 16 - April 14th 2108.
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